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The Yellow Insulator

While I was milking the does this morning I listened to a bird, just outside the parlor (the milking parlor, that is) who would alternate between a raucous, mini-crow kind-of sound into a pretty little warble. Since I am curious I peeked out the goat door and observed this yellow-headed blackbird (official identity still as not confirmed), sitting on the old fence right next to a post. I watched him doing his calling and realized that he was talking to the yellow insulator on the top of the post. It made perfect sense since his buddies had been hopping around on the fence also, but had flown off. So he probably thought he was talking to one of his friends. Unfortunately, they had all left because they were tired of listening to him. He sang to his new friend for a long time before realizing the guy was a bore. So he flew off. I kid you not!

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