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TeePee in the Pond Pasture

Another wonderful weekend with friends coming to share it with us. Rhonda rode all weekend, celebrating her 51st birthday on horseback with a great bunch of horsemen and horsewomen under the direction of Terri Harder and Dusty Roller. Many miles were put on horseback chasing down 80 cow/calf pairs that had escaped from the herd in the night. Some still missing and Rhonda will search again for them today on Hamlet (if she can loosen her sore muscles)! Cousin Vivian Zaglow joined us as did her daughter, Jennifer, and grandson, Jack. We had fun showing Jack around all the babies and giving him a tour of the new TeePee that is now at home in the pond pasture.

Bruce and Zoe Katocs brought up the TeePee and spent the day setting it up for its summer home here on 7 Springs Ranch. We'll be renting it out for campers, giving them a fenced, private, 3 acre setting for a quiet few nights. Horses will be welcome to graze in the pasture around the pond. So if you know someone wanting a good place from which to base for trail rides, contact me through the website, at Creston, Wa. Just remember that mosquito spray is not optional!! Photos are views from different locations around the TeePee and a shot of two deer on the West Bluff near the cows this morning.

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