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Talking to the animals

August 1, 2018 -

Listening to "Poor Man's Paradise" (The Subdudes) this morning I realized again how happy I am. I do tell stories to my dog and also have meaningful conversations with my goats as I milk and care for them, cows and horses, too. It feels good that they seek out my attention and murmur back as I talk to them. We understand each other and it don't git any more simple than that! I also realized that, yes, having a schedule of things to do is a good thing. What's more difficult to grasp is the fact that you cannot allocate exact times things should be done and expect to be able to stick to it. You've gotta walk out that door in the morning, look around and say to yourself, "OK, can I walk the gauntlet to my first designated chore or do I need to do a few things on the way?" There's always something that pops up but the question then morphs into, "OK, will I be able to milk pretty close to on-time this morning?" Life just merrily goes along and drags you with it. What a concept!

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