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Strawberry Fields

Updated: May 22, 2018

I've planted 70 strawberry plants all the way around my raspberry patch, which also contains raspberries (several different types). I plan to start a much bigger patch but am still getting it organized and can't plant anything until it's fenced and I'm sure no herbivores (like my goats or the deer) can get into it. Our friend, John Spasari, is here and today he got the post holes dug for my new chicken pen (using the tractor). Our friend, Doug Hewitt, is building the hen house which is almost finished and is really nice. Actually, it's quite fancy and very well built. Somebody thought it was a cabin. It gave Doug a brilliant idea. We won't get into that right now! Rhonda made a wonderful chicken pot pie for dinner. John had especially requested it because he remembered how much he had liked it many, many years ago when he and Rhonda and Jon Toby were roommates in Kirkland. Doug came for dinner also and we had a good time discussing everything in the world that was funny (and there's a LOT of funny stuff going on). Tomorrow we'll put in the last of the posts for the front yard fence and I'll be able to start planting my grapes and silver lace vines along every post. I'm impatient to get them all in the ground so I can watch them grow and become beautiful all around the house. Spring is such an inspiring time and I've finally realized that I can look around, enjoy what has been accomplished, and be OK with the newly learned fact that it can't all get done at once, because - then what?

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