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Stage Line Ranch

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

July 23, 2018 -

After much time and research (and chance encounters with knowledgeable folks) I have discovered that I need to change the name of my ranch in order to keep historical accuracy that will match up to the old Native American and BLM maps. 7 Springs Ranch, on the old historic maps, is one of the Nez Perce camps used on the way to the river confluence near Brewster, Wa. where they met and fished with other tribes. That ranch is actually about six miles from my location. My place, as we knew, is the site of the Stage stop and 2-story hotel between Sprague (on I 90) and Omak, up in Okanogan County. This is where travelers spent the night before traveling on up to the gold mines and other destinations outside of Omak and Tonasket. There was a livery stable and plenty of water and graze here on the ranch to satisfy even the hungriest of horses and adventurers. It is still that way today and I welcome travelers to stop and rest on their way to their next stop. According to the old maps, this is marked as the Stage Line Ranch. In deference to our history, and in keeping with continuity, I will more than likely keep the name Stage Line Ranch. So, I am pursuing that strategy and will post further information as it develops. The campground will still welcome travelers who, I'm hoping, will visit us at the ranch house and share their own stories. See you soon.

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