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Out of Control!

August 6, 2018 -

The past few days I've been so tired it was hard to figure out which end was up. Not getting enough sleep so I napped most of yesterday AND today and now I feel energized again. So I went out and mowed two of the horse paddocks. The weeds are completely out of control and four feet tall! Had to make a number of passes but I'm getting pretty good on the tractor so it goes quicker each time I do it. Rhonda was able to mow the front pasture along the fence line and also made a couple of passes through the tall grass so we could walk through it easier and also spot the calves as they move through. The grass is only about four feet tall, not as tall as last year but good stuff none-the-less. Moved Winnie out with the younger calves and they're following her around like she's their mom. She's due in about a week so I want her out where I can see her clearly from the house. There's still so much grass that I doubt the cattle will eat it down before winter. We're very lucky. Got 10 tons of alfalfa/grass mix in but I want to re-stack it in smaller groupings to make it easier to tarp and prevent the terrible loss I had last year from water leaking down into the huge 25 ton stack. More hay will arrive in the next month and we'll put it up at the cow barn where I'll winter the cattle and also the buck goats after breeding season (they smell pretty bad). I'm going for 1,000 pound bales that I can arrange with cattle feeder panels, just moving the panels back into the hay "line-up" as they eat it. I'm starting to get this ranching thing sort of under control, but I'm still pretty new at it and a little apprehensive at times. It's the happiest life I've ever had, though.

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