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One Extra Thing

August 5, 2018 -

I've decided to let myself feel really good when I'm able to accomplish one extra thing, anytime. Not just every day, but just whenever I can get that extra thing done. And if it's done right, even better! I'm learning so much from the ranchers and farmers around me. We're all busy, all the time. For them, it's a matter of their livelihood. Their labors are for their families and for their future. They have more at risk than I do and thankfully they have generations of experience to help them get it right. I admire and respect them and from this humbling experience at my strange ranching attempts, I'm incredulously impressed by what they are able to accomplish and still smile and laugh about the things that go wrong at just the wrong time! Here on my little ol' ranch, I'm still tossin' around newly invented swear words and kickin' at rocks while throwing a temper tantrum each time nature pulls a fast one on me! Then I head for the house to sit, think, and eat somethin', which is supposed to make me feel better, but just makes me fat! So, the new plan is to sloooww dooowwnn, do what I can when I can, and enjoy the trip as well as the view. After all, that's what I came here for.

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