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Goats, a cat and guinea hens...

Long day today and I have to say that I enjoy my "feeding babies and milking time" very much. Here's two of the does waiting to come in for evening milking. They're the smallest two and get soundly beaten back to the end of the line every time. So they wait. Even though they have horns, they haven't learned to use them against the bigger, older does. Second photo is of young, horned does and cat after morning milking. View is from the goat door leaving the parlor. Third photo is guinea hens on the fence outside the goat parlor door.

The wind has been so strong that it actually blew all the towels off the roll next to the shop door. Paper towels everywhere! I've kept the big shop door closed the past few days because it's also been a little cold. Cold enough to have frost on the garden! I don't think I lost anything but it may take a day or so to be sure.

The chicken house is almost finished and I've begun feeding the chickens there to gradually move them in. Tomorrow I'll put in the linoleum (it's a very nice, subtle tile pattern - yeah, I really said that and that's the way it is around here), then load the nest boxes and floor with straw. If I can get to it I'll put up the roost, otherwise it'll wait a day or two. I'll pick up paint in town and Rhonda will use the sprayer and paint it, then the chickens can move in. Doug gave me a good idea for the colors. No, it's not tie dye, but that's not such a bad idea. I'll let you know what I decide when I post photos of the finished chicken lounge.

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