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dawg days

August 10, 2018 -

The dawg days of summer are here and Rhonda says I should relax in the house. It's really the only place I can relax with temps so high but I have so much to do I feel guilty just sitting and letting my mind wear itself out. So I'll probably bake zuchinni bread (how DO you spell that!?) since I've officially passed gardening 101 by being able to grow it. I've been tackling the weeds around the outside of my raised beds so that I can appreciate the truly beautiful greenery of VEGETABLE life on the ranch. While the weeds have a certain stubborn beauty themselves, they do tend to rear up above everything else and shout "hey, look at me!" They compete in a wild way with the plants that we have domesticated to be useful to us and I've noticed that some weeds actually look like the plants they are growing in amongst. How clever is that? There have been times I've let them grow, mistaking them for what I planted. Makes me think a little about how they figured that one out. Also makes me think of one of my favorite movies, "Little Shop of Horrors." I'm not going to let that thought disturb me.

Living the Good Life!

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