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Broken Pipe

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

July 6, 2018 -

Tomorrow morning Rhonda and I will take off the mower and put the backhoe back on the tractor. We need to dig down to find the broken pipe that has given us a new pond up near the cow barn. We have the well guy coming to check out the pump and all its accoutrements. In the meantime, after troubleshooting what seems like 100 miles of buried pipe, we found an overly green area where there should not have been one. Once we mowed it we could clearly see the new water feature. It seems to be directly down about 150 feet from the last frost-free faucet and just above the level of the main pond. Late last fall, we had a semi come in and drove over the area on the way to load bulls to take south. Could have happened then since it's been a number of months that we've had lower water pressure. With any luck, this discovery will save us mucho bucks. Once it's fixed, we'll have to put the mower back on because the pond pasture is about 3 feet tall and desperately needs a good haircut. We just don't have the stock this year to keep it eaten down.

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